2019 JA Company Program Student Team Company Reports

Perception Marketing Company Report

Canyon Crest Academy

Perception Marketing aims to provide modern, yet affordable, branding for student organizations, clubs and small businesses to succeed in advertising in the 21st century.

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The College Kit Company Report

Canyon Crest Academy

The College Kit is an affordable and easy way to access a surplus of college merchandise that pertains to where a student is attending. The merchandise can vary between clothes such as hoodies, jackets, crew necks, to sweaters or, accessories such as lanyards, key chains, mugs, and socks. This customizable and inexpensive care package of goods varies in prices. We aim to create a convenient, affordable product that is successful in fulfilling the customer's needs.

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Eternal Clothing Co. Company Report

Canyon Crest Academy

Eternal Clothing Co. is a company that produces affordable, comfortable, and good-looking t-shirts that guarantees the donation of one t-shirt to a homeless person per t-shirt sold. Our mission is to change the world on t-shirt at a time. We hope to improve the lives of both the people buying the shirts, and those who receive a donated t-shirt.

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Party in a Box Company Report

Canyon Crest Academy

Party in a Box includes curated products and supplies that one would need to throw a themed party. We have personally curated all of the items from various stores, taking out the time it would usually take for someone to plan a party themselves. We are committed to putting the fun back in party planning by providing our customers with a convenient and simple solution.

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adolEssence Company Report

Helix Charter High School

AdolEssence seeks to help young women struggling with body image issues find affordable clothing that helps them embrace being different. Our company has a unique sense of style, a unique sense of trying to give back. We focus on finding clothes that we like from thrifting and upcycling them into something bigger and better.

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Athlead Company Report

Canyon Crest Academy

Athlead’s mission is to make hiring a sports trainer easier and affordable. Athlead’s trainers are high performing high school varsity athletes with leadership qualities. Our trainers facilitate growth, motivation and fun in young athletes.

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STUD Company Report

Canyon Crest Academy

Our services coordinate with both student artists to generate creativity and with manufacturers to place the design on different colors of t-shirts. Our mission is to transform designs created by aspiring designers into stylish t-shirts so people can look and feel good through supporting incredible student artists.

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Piece of Cake Baking Co. Company Report

Canyon Crest Academy

Piece of Cake Baking Co. is a company that aims to make baking a fun and easy activity for the whole family. We curate recipes and package all of the non-perishable ingredients needed for each recipe. We send our customers kits with pre-measured, separate ingredients and a simple instruction card, making homemade baking simple. Our mission is to bring people together, through the art of baking. We hope people find our kits to be a fun, engaging experience that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

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Enviro Safe Plastics Company Report

Grossmont High School

Enviro Safe Plastics wants to create and distribute biodegradable plastic cups and lids that are safe for the environment and are perfect for use in restaurants, coffee shops, and smoothie shops to help prevent more ocean pollution. Our main goal with the creation of these lids is to help prevent more ocean pollution.

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Advise Enterprise Company Report

Torrey Pines High School

Advise Enterprise is a non-profit web-based corporation that strives to open up opportunities for young adults to gain first-hand career experience and knowledge at no cost. We connect students and avid learners with reputable mentors in their fields of interest to provide them with career resources such as resume editing, job shadowing, mock interviews, and internships. We are determined to create an accessible, inexpensive, and practical program that will help students like us find their passions and expand on those passions by making connections and collaborating with with field experts.

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Pop-Circuit Company Report

Westview High School

Pop-Circuit aims to promote innovative and new products to the marketplace through creative, integrated marketing campaigns. We strive to introduce original and new items created by local and student-run small businesses. This customer market is focused in the Greater San Diego Area. Through our various marketing strategies, including physical pop-up booths and a strong online presence, Pop-Circuit has reached their initial base cost by partnering with 5 current small businesses at Westview High School. Pop-Circuit plans to expand its current target market by partnering with other local small businesses and soliciting to potential stockholders for further investments.

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Braveio Company Report

Torrey Pines High School

Braveio's mission is to provide art and writing students with
hassle-free opportunities to earn recognition and scholarships for their pieces. Our vision is to open doors for young artists by giving them the resources they need to easily exhibit their art to the world. We created our company in order to empower students by having their art recognized. We are committed to being a user-friendly service focused on expanding opportunities for students.

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UnityBlu Company Report

Torrey Pines High School

UnityBlu’s mission provides a funnel for the youth market to make a difference. We partner with a variety of charities providing a diverse and all-inclusive service bridging youth and a desire to make a difference in their community. UnityBlu provides the vehicle for quick and easy fundraising. We remove the barrier of entry to charitable fundraising by enticing millennials and Gen X with apparel that resonates with current trends. This gives an outlet to our audience the ability to give back to the charities they feel most connected to, while being able to purchase merchandise for themselves.

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U-Bracelets Company Report

Helix Charter High School

U-Bracelets mission is to provide a quality customized bracelet for all customers for any occasion. Whether it be a birthday gift, a friendship bracelet, or even just a bracelet for yourself, U-Bracelets promises to make every bracelet personalized and meaningful.

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Punrise Company Report

Helix Charter High School

Through our love for puns, Punrise is dedicated to bringing positivity to people's lives. Our merchandise includes a wide variety of products ranging from mugs and tote bags to stickers and posters. Each of our products are customized with an original pun design to bring a smile to our customer's faces.

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SoCal Ecocycle Company Report

Canyon Crest Academy

Socal Ecocycle is a service based business where we set up separate bins to collect recycled products such as plastic/glass bottles and aluminum cans. In a growing trend, more people are choosing not to recycle: plastic, aluminum, cardboard, paper, & glass. By partnering with SoCal Ecocycle, we 100% guarantee your recyclables are recycled. Our goal is to help the public become more aware of the importance of recycling and
environmental safety.

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Fashion Lace Company Report

Grossmont High School

Fashion Lace is a shoelace company that will design and produce a variety of uniquely designed shoelaces. We strive to improve shoelaces and offer the finest quality shoelace to everybody with shoes on their feet. We seek to promote the enjoyment of their shoes by selling our stylish and unique shoelaces to as many people as possible so that they can show off their personality.

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