2019 Student Team Company Commercials

Athlead Company Commerical

Canyon Crest Academy

Athlead’s mission is to make hiring a sports trainer easier and affordable. Athlead’s trainers are high performing high school varsity athletes with leadership qualities. Our trainers facilitate growth, motivation and fun in young athletes.

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STUD Company Commercial

Canyon Crest Academy

Our services coordinate with both student artists to generate creativity and with manufacturers to place the design on different colors of t-shirts. Our mission is to transform designs created by aspiring designers into stylish t-shirts so people can look and feel good through supporting incredible student artists

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PocketTutor Company Commercial

Torrey Pines High School

PocketTutor is an application that offers a specialized tutoring program that connects students with other students in the same school or district. PocketTutor creates an opportunity for students who can not afford overpriced tutoring, to be able to advance their learning and obtain academic excellence. We hope to balance the education system not based on socioeconomic standpoint.

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AdolEssence Company Commerical

Helix Charter High School

AdolEssence seeks to help young women struggling with body image issues find affordable clothing that helps them embrace being different. Our company has a unique sense of style, a unique sense of trying to give back. We focus on finding clothes that we like from thrifting and upcycling them into something bigger and better.

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Braveio Company Commercial

Torrey Pines High School

Braveio's mission is to provide art and writing students with hassle-free opportunities to earn recognition and scholarships for their pieces. Our vision is to open doors for young artists by giving them the resources they need to easily exhibit their art to the world. We created our company in order to empower students by having their art recognized. We are committed to being a user-friendly service focused on expanding opportunities for students.

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Perception Marketing Company Commercial

Canyon Crest Academy

Perception Marketing aims to provide modern, yet affordable, branding for student organizations, clubs and small businesses to succeed in advertising in the 21st century.

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