JA Experience Provides Growth Opportunity for First-Time Volunteer

Whether an employee has been working with Junior Achievement for decades, or is just starting his or her career with JA, every day presents opportunities to experience those incredible "ah-ha" moments. Kim McGrigg, director of communications for Junior Achievement?Rocky Mountain in Denver, Colo., shared this letter that her office recently received. The letter was addressed to JA?Rocky Mountai'?s newest employee, Meg Chapman, and it was sent from a first-time volunteer from Staples <http://www.staples.com/> . "This was my first time volunteering with JA. Before I signed up I thought I would just be assisting in the classroom, but after my training session I realized I would be the teacher for the day! I was pretty nervous about it since I haven?t taught before. However, once I arrived to the school everyone was so friendly and helpful, it calmed my fears. After meeting the kids I felt better too and had one of the best days of my life! It went much smoother than I imagined. I felt at ease and the teacher even commented that I seemed to have a natural talent for this. The curriculum was well organized. I was able to complete all the sessions in time and I had so much fun with the kids. I went to lunch with them and hardly had a chance to eat my food because the kids were busy telling me stories and asking questions. Annabel showed me her pet rock and the outfit she made for it. It was so cute and such a creative idea! The kids were so welcoming and kind. They made me feel so special that day! I went home feeling so loved! I told the kids before I left that even though I was there to make an impact on them they made just as much an impact on me. It was a growth opportunity that stretched me to get out of my comfort zone and do something I hadnt done before. And to my surprise, it actually felt rather comfortable?and (it) wasn?t so scary after all! I am so thankful for this opportunity! It truly was one of my best volunteer experiences." Thank You, Melissa Koehn "Reading this letter made me proud that we are accomplishing our goal of making a real difference in the lives of students as well as volunteers," Meg said.

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