Students Learn Life Lessons Early at JA Finance Park

Oftentimes, Junior Achievement volunteers are not sure whether they made a difference or not in the students they taught. It?s always refreshing and reaffirming to hear from the students directly about what they learned from JA. Tom Russell, president of Junior Achievement of South Central Pennsylvania in Lancaster, recently shared a story that ran in a local high school?s newsletter."I?d say I learned quite a bit from JA Finance Park?. It was a pretty eye-opening experience as to how complicated and time consuming it can be to manage your finances for a month," said student Hannah Shade. "I also gained more appreciation for everything my parents do for my brother and me because I had a child I had to care for, so I am now more aware of everything having a child involves."[Group work at JA Finance Park] <>Hannah continued, "I learned that everyone?s situation is different when we were sitting in our groups discussing our ?lives? and how we ended up at the end of the month. This experience made me realize how important managing your finances is and the role it can play in your life."Another student had a similar perspective and appreciation for the saving, budgeting, banking, credit and debt concepts taught through JA Finance Park."I really enjoyed my experience at JA Finance Park," student Alyssa Stonebraker said. "The experience will be very beneficial in the future. It showed me how important it is to manage money and create a budget and make sure that you are only spending money on what is essential at first, then using what you may have left over in the end on things that you want. I think that the experience gained was great and that it will be essential information to use later in life."

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