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Stock Market Challenge
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This program helps students to prepare to invest and be comfortable with increasing their knowledge of investing in the stock market culminating in participating in the Stock Market Challenge event competition.This interactive program made up of five 45-minute classroom sessions that introduce students to the stock market and allows them to discover the benefits and challenges of investing.

• Introduces basic concepts to the students about the stock market.
• Describes buying and selling stocks, including diversification and IPOs.
• Classes compete in an in-class simulation of trading on the stock market.
• Students reflect on new financial knowledge and set financial goals.
• Students will discover the benefits and challenges of investing.
• As an optional off-site event, student teams from various high schools compete against each other in a San Diego regional student Stock Market Challenge competition.

Pillars of Student Success Entrepreneurship:
Financial Literacy:
Work Readiness:
Program Implementation Program Grade-Level
Classroom Based Grades 9-12
Program Concepts Program Skills
Individual Equities, Impact of the Economy, Geopolitical Events, Market Sentiment, Teamwork, Math skills, Risk and Rewards of Trading, Personal Finance, SMART Financial Goals, Communication, Technology, Portfolio, Dividends, Stock Market Stock Market, Public vs Private Companies, Buying and Selling through Stock Exchanges and Markets, Risks Associated with Owning Stock, Analyze Stock Table, Explore Market Events Affecting Share Prices, IPOs, Investment Strategies, Identify Three Asset Classes and Risks, Set SMART Personal Finance Goals

Program Sessions

Understanding Stocks

Students will learn about the stock market, explore the difference between public and private companies, and discover why companies issue stock. Students will understand why individuals invest in companies through stocks, how stocks are bought and sold through stock exchanges and markets, and that there is risk associated with owning stock.

Session Two: Stock Trading

Students learn how to read a stock table and explore how market events affect share prices.

Session Three: Initial Public Offerings and Dividends

In this session about the stock market, students learn how to make decisions regarding initial purchase offerings. They will also see how dividends can be a benefit to their investment strategy and why companies may or may not issue them to stockholders.

Session Four: Best In Class

In this session, students use an online simulation to put their knowledge to use. Students attending the JA Student Stock Market Challenge will review rules and roles for the event.

Session Five: Risk, Return and Goal Setting

This activity is designed to ensure students understand the concepts of risk and return when investing in the stock market and setting SMART personal financial goals. This activity can be led by the JA volunteer or the classroom teacher.

Stock Market Challenge Student Competition

The optional Stock Market Challenge event is built on a software system that simulates a 60-day cycle of the stock market and its function of buying, selling, analysis and risk. Every 60 seconds represents a day of trading. Each day brings news from the financial markets challenging student teams to analyze and decide what actions they should take.

Program Videos

JA Stock Market Challenge

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